Make the right first impression with customized business cards that reflect your company and brand.

From conferences to seminars to networking events, your business cards are an invaluable tool for making connections and growing partnerships. Ensure that your business card leaves a lasting impression on any acquaintance with a professional design, paper stock, and finish that embodies the look, feel, and values of your business.


Information & Specs

Print Options:  Single or Double Sided

Quantity:  250, 500, 1000 or Custom

Size:  2 x 3.5 inches or Custom

Bleed:  .125 inches

Corner:  Square, Round or Custom

Paper Stock:  100# Dull Cover, 130# Dull Cover, 100# Finch (Uncoated Cover), 130# Finch (Uncoated Cover)

UV Coating:  Single or Double Sided

The Process: Creating Your Business Card

With so many print, paper, and finish options, choosing the right look for your business card may seem daunting. Our Print Specialists are here to guide you through the process. You’ll have the opportunity to customize every aspect of your business card – from design to sizing to paper quality and everything in between.

Business Card Design

Our print specialists can assist with the design process or they can help you print business cards that you have designed in-house.

If you need assistance with the design of your business cards, our team will use your vision and ideas to create an initial mock up. We’ll ask questions that help us determine the best approach. For example, do you envision your card to be one-sided or two-sided? Consider the shape – do you want a business card with square or rounded edges?

In order for your card to stand out in the sea of other business cards, it is important to make the card interesting but not too busy. A business card with a clean layout will allow potential clients to easily identify pertinent contact information, such as the employee name, title, business address, email, phone, and website address. An aesthetic that reflects your business is also essential, as a meaningful and visually pleasing design will capture the attention of those who view the business card and give them an immediate feel for what you do and what your company is like.

Printing Business Cards

Once the business card has been designed, the next step will be to choose the stock of the card, or the paper on which the business card will be printed. We can help you find a stock that aligns with your vision – perhaps you know you want a thick and heavy card or one that is light and thin. We also offer an extensive number of finishes – from glossy or semi-shiny to premier uncoated papers. Our team can print business card samples that allow you to evaluate a number of options and choose the one that is most fitting.

Preparing the Business Card for Print

When you submit a request to print a business card, it’s not only important to provide the quantity of cards, the desired paper stock, and logistical information such as the location the cards should be sent and date when the business cards are needed. There are additional details that result in a successful, high-quality print job. For instance, exact dimensions should be provided and the file may require a bleed.  Depending on how the business card is printed, you may need to provide CMYK or pantone values that indicate exact color values.  Our print specialists can provide guidance and assistance as you prepare your business card for printing.

Processing and Delivery

When you submit a request to print a business card, our team will work as efficiently and attentively as possible to ensure your business cards are printed perfectly and delivered on time. Your dedicated print specialist will communicate with you directly about the cost and status of your order, and he or she will also follow up to ensure that you are satisfied with your new business cards.