Bay State has every envelope product to satisfy your corporate marketing and communications requirements. We have the latest equipment and technologies to support any size mailing project.

Although a standard diagonal seam envelope is the most common style envelope in use today, there are many more styles that are preferred for specific applications. The height, width, flap, style, substrate, windows, and window locations will vary slightly between envelopes depending on the enclosed document.

To help you understand the terms used by envelope manufacturers, please see our Envelope and Printing PDF illustrating many popular envelope styles including the common diagonal seam, and it’s components. The same components are found in all envelopes regardless of their style, e.g., diagonal seam, side seam, catalog, booklet, A-line, baronial, etc.

Click here for Envelope and Printing Basics PDF

1-4 Color Envelopes

At Bay State Envelope we realize that corporate color consistency is essential. In addition to 4-color process printing we offer one to four color spot printing with tight registration. Spot colors can be combined to create duotones, tritones, and quadtones, which make for some very interesting colors and effects. We primarily use the widely accepted Pantone Matching System or PMS system as it is more commonly known.

If the color you are seeking is not available as a PMS color, we have extensive experience with the Toyo matching system allowing you to pinpoint any color imaginable. Utilizing our state of the art Halm color creator we are able to provide consistent color run to run whether your design is only one color or a more elaborate multi color layout.

Full-Color Envelopes

In 1997 we installed our first Halm 4 color press. Since that time we have perfected the art of imprinting quality graphics onto pre-converted envelopes saving time and money for your time sensitive mailings. To meet increased demand, a second 4-color press was added in 2000. Let our experience and capabilities work for you.

NOTE: Are you planning on printing three or four colors on 9×12 or 10×13 envelopes? To help you plan your envelope layout, we have useful print guidelines that show non-print areas of for these envelopes.

Click here to view 9 x 12 guide
Click here to view 10 x 13 guide